Whiskey Vs. Beer

2019 Whiskey Vs. Beer Menu

First course:

Defender IPA vs. Ironweed Malt Whiskey

Marinated kale salad, pork belly croutons, caramelized onions, dill goat cheese crumble, candied almonds

Second course:

Unfiltered Pilsner vs. Ironweed Bourbon Whiskey

Smoked fontina and broccoli rabe sausage links, house made cranberry mustard, shaved brussel sprout slaw

Third course:

Passion of the Mango (Ghost Bottle) vs. Ironweed Rye Whiskey

Bone in veal short rib, braised with fresh orange, fennel, white wine and honey; served over creamy polenta

Fourth course:

Dark Matter (Ghost Bottle) vs. ADCO Cocktail

Deep fried ice cream affogato, crumbled biscotti, caramel, whipped cream

2018 Whiskey Vs. Beer Recap Video

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