Are you a whiz at mixing drinks? Do you have a knack for making flavorful concoctions? If you’re creative and social, then consider an exciting job at Chianti Il Ristorante as our MIXOLOGIST .

Mixology is an art form. A mixologist is a “cocktail chef”, who creates and pushes the limits of what mixed drinks can be. Mixologists know their alcohols. They can talk all night about premium vodkas, local gins, agave tequilas, spiced rums, perfectly aged bourbon, or sweet schnapps. They take their expert knowledge and choose high quality spirits, liqueurs, fruits and spices to create innovative drinks and cocktails that explore the boundaries of flavors.

Necessary attributes:

  • social personality
  • a good memory
  • a customer service smile
  • a guest first attitude

Job Responsibilities: Help design the drink menu, train other bartenders to mix new cocktails, monitor and manage bar mixes and bar fruit, control and track bar inventory, dehydrate fruit, take food and drink orders, keep bar nest, clean and organized, mix drinks, cashier, memorize all drink recipes, socialize with guests, monitor guests, remember regular guests and their favorite drinks, keep track of sporting event scores, and ensure that no one is over served.

Are you up for the challenge? Let’s talk.

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