Matt Richardson

Executive Chef

Executive Chef Chef Matt Richardson began working in restaurants when he was 15, and since then has worked in every imaginable role in a restaurant kitchen.

Before Matt joined DZ Restaurants, he worked locally as the Chef at Cantina in Saratoga Springs, NY for over three years.

Matt attended SUNY Albany in pursuit of a history degree and wanted to become a teacher. During his time at college he continued to work in various kitchens, and it became clear that he had developed a lifelong relationship with food and cooking that he couldn’t live without.

“There’s something about the craziness and stress in the kitchen. I’m addicted to it,” said Matt about this bond.

Matt is always trying to learn as much as he can to make sure the team is creating great cuisine every night. “You really only need a few good, quality, local and farm grown ingredients to make something great,” said Matt about preparing a dish. “You can never stop learning about food. So you will always get better and better at your job in the kitchen,”

Matt believes in striving to learn new things in the workplace so that the kitchen and the company can always execute at its best. “We are successful because the entire team is backed with hard workers who really know their food.”

Contrary to the above photo, Matt actually has a sweet hairline and a lush head of hair he has been working on for a few months. He also thinks Peanut Butter Pandemonium is a far superior ice cream to Crumbs Along the Mohawk.

p: 518.581.2401
541 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866