Nancy Bambara

Vice President & COo

As Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Nancy Bambara has been a key element in the growth and promotion of DZ Restaurants since its beginnings in 1999.

She has always had a keen eye for accounting, innovation and measurement. In 1992 she opened her first accounting company in Cooperstown, NY where she had found a way in specializing in restaurants.

In 1999, Bambara moved to Saratoga Springs, NY with her family and opened another accounting company Saratoga Business Management. Again, she found a very special niche in restaurant financing. Shortly after opening her business David Zecchini became one of her first clients. Nancy took on David and Chianti Il Ristorante as a client when it was a small place on S. Broadway with only 15 employees, and has helped DZ become one of the fastest growing and successful restaurant corporations in the region.

“I realize that the restaurant industry is a very special financial field. It is very unique because it’s an industry in which everything must be measured,” says Nancy.

In 2001, Nancy sold her business and became David’s Director of Operations. David and Nancy have spent over 17 years collaborating talents and passion to ensure that DZ Restaurants continues to thrive. Because of her achievements and work with David in 2007, she was voted one of Albany Business Review’s Forty Under Forty.

Nancy’s personal philosophy on running a smooth corporation is to never lose the passion. She believes that passion and respect are the lifelines of a company. It is essential to have a passion for the quality of service, food, and giving to the employees, so that you receive effort the same in turn.

“This is a tough industry. You must always treat every element of the industry with the utmost respect to be successful.”

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