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First Draft Episode Two – Maine Beer Company’s Lunch IPA

This week on “First Draft” Josh opens his Hello Kitty Lunch Box to find his mom packed him his favorite … Maine Beer Company’s Lunch IPA! Maine Beer Company’s “Lunch” is an “East Coast” version of a West Coast-style IPA. Intense hop flavors and aromas of tropical and citrus fruits and pine dominate. A subtle malt sweetness...

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First Draft Episode 1 – Featuring Fiddlehead IPA

Welcome to our Weekly Craft Beer Series called “First Draft” at Boca Bistro. This week Josh sips and discusses Fiddlehead IPA. A beautiful Vermont IPA with lasting citrus and pineapple flavors accompanied by a touch of earthiness and a soft mouthfeel. Alluring glow, lingering foam, and a crisp finish with a 6.2%...

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The Pair Episode 1 – Vongole and Rosé

Chef Matt Richardson and Chef Eric Randazzo are “The Pair”. In this week’s episode, they pair up Forno Bistro Vongole (Linguine, sautéed little-neck clams pancetta, peperoncino, garlic, extra virgin, white wine) with a crisp Rosé wine. Perfect for the slowly approaching warmer weather and the best friend (and enemy) of every...

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Bake Me Home Tonight: Video Marketing for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management February 6, 2018 A smoke machine, a green screen, a pair of jean shorts and a complete lack of shame are the components of a video marketing campaign from Forno Bistro in Saratoga Springs,  New York. “Bake Me Home Tonight” parodies a classic from the 1980s, while promoting the...

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